Preview behaving erratically - Rapidweaver 7.5.5

Preview mode is misbehaving intermittently. Not always but often the Preview displays a blank page, sometimes with the preloader showing continually sometimes not. I wonder if anyone else has been afflicted with this problem. It is unsettling and hindering construction of the site greatly.

I am building the site using the Uikit framework and associated stacks.

I have restarted the Rapidweaver several times as well as restarting the computer itself. I am on a network of several computers. Could network instability/unreliability be causing this I wonder.

Incidentally this is part of a process of rebuilding all the sites I originally built using Rapidweaver 5 and 6. The transition to Rapidweaver 7 has not been without problems.

Any ideas?

What version of the Stacks plugin do you have??

Thank you Robert for responding. I am using Stacks 3.5.7. I believe itโ€™s the latest version.

Robert, Your question seems to have been pertinent to the problem - I have just reinstalled Stacks 3 and it looks as Preview might have settled back in to is normal routine. Thank you.

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