Edit mode showing blue and white vertical stripes,

(ivan ) #1

Hi, I see several wide blue and white stripes in foundation stacks. I start a new test page add site styles and then add 1 column and 1 column foundation both look good with a solid white background. I then replace the site styles with one I saved as a partial and the 1 column foundation shows the stripes, same for any foundation stack and even no foundation styles that are placed inside a foundation stack. Are the stripes telling me something?


(Brad Halstead) #2

Yes, they are showing you the 12 section grid, its a setting inside the column stack of Foundations to enable or disable


(ivan ) #3

Thanks Brad, I found that “preview grid” in the column foundation can toggle the stripes on a new page with a site styles stack, but if I use a page with the site styles I put into a partial (its the only stack in the partial) then I can’t get rid of the stripes, regardless that all the column stacks set the preview grid off, is there another area that could enable the preview grid?

thanks again, now I know what its for and that its not bad :slightly_smiling:

(Brad Halstead) #4

Open your Partial for editing

Select the Site Styles Stack

Uncheck “Foundation - Edit Mode -> Preview all Grids”

Close the partial and your site should no longer show the grid pattern.


(ivan ) #5

Thanks a bunch Brad, that was exactly what was happening, really appreciate your help!


(Brad Halstead) #6

No problem at all, glad you got it sorted and sorry I missed the ‘in a partial’ part :wink: