Editable image links

Before the latest update it it used to be possible to edit an image link. But now it is only possible to unlink the image and then re-create the link from scratch. This is a pain in my neck. Why is it no longer possible to edit the image URL link? There are times when I just wanna change one small part of the link, not have to destroy it and start all over again.

I agree…hope @isaiah will take a look.

it’s on the short list of things to fix. people are probably tired of me posting links to the Stacks public bug list – but yes, i do have a public bug list and you can check it out and add your own and all that cool stuff – if you’d like to track it it’s bug #386.

if you track it then you’ll get a notification when i change the schedule for the bug and of course when it finally get fixed. :smiley:

it may seem like not much is going on in the bug list right now. i’m very busy behind the scenes working on some larger improvements for publishing for Stacks v4.1. stick with me and i’ll do my best to make this little point release to be a big one. but that’s about all i can say for now. :wink:

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