Editing the "contact me" in the footer

How can I edit “contact me” in the footer so that it links to a page?

Try this:
© 2007-2018 Dollar DVD Project Liberty 817-776-5475 Click here to eMail Ron


No problem

I must be doing something wrong. Here is my text in place of the email address:
Click to send us a message!

It still defaults to “Contact Me”

[quote=“siamon, post:5, topic:27891”]
Click to send us a message!

I would need a link to your page.

A refresh issue?

How do I send the html text?

The site hasn’t been uploaded yet.

So is your text showing correctly now or still Contact Me
Take a clip of the preview please!
And of the General page where you are putting the code.

Although I have sent a site URL link, it’s the current site. Not the remake that I’m working on. How do I link this to a page in the new site before the revised site is uploaded?

That needs to be in the footer line…not the email line
and uncheck the email line

I must be doing something wrong. When I click on the text I get an error message that the page can’t be found. I tried not adding the .html, but I get the same response. I have created a page called “Contact”.

I managed to make the link with this text that I got from the html markup:
But will it work once I upload the site or add other pages?

it had to match your page names…which you should name…not leave them page-xxx

I’m not sure how to do this. When I look at the source, it lists the page as:

I can;'t seem to find any other reference that is different.

Name your folders and all page names should be index.html or .php

Sorry to be such a bug. Not sure how to do that. I’m using the MegaNav stack. I labelled all my stack and the program created the titles of each page.