Remove "Contact Us" Link From Footers?

(David Bourke) #1

Hi friends,

We run a free volunteer-staffed health-related website that has an embedded phpBB support forum with more than 6,600 members. The website has a dedicated contact page that contains important text instructions on the best way to seek help. Our problem is that the vast majority of people don’t use this page, but simply click the “Contact us” link in the footer - which just calls up their email client. So they miss this important info.

This is adding a huge burden to our workload, so we need to remove this footer link altogether and force people to use the contact page.

I can’t find anything related to this by searching here. Anyone know how to do this? I’m using RW 5.3.1, but I also have RW 6.x on my offline Mac if that’s necessary.



(David) #2

Not sure where it is in RW5, but in RW6 just un-tick the Email Address field in the settings > general area of your RW project and the email address will not be displayed in the footer.

(scott williams) #3

If you give a URL, it’s much easier fir people to help.

(David Bourke) #4

Hi David and Scott,

Many thanks for your kind assistance. I found the email option and unticked it.

I’m sorry I forgot to include a URL:



(scott williams) #5

So if you unchecked it just republish your pages and it should be gone.

Just an FYI, you could put a link to your actual contact page in the footer.