Editing unseen inline css from pasted text - Possible?

Is there a way to edit the inline CSS of pasted text?

My situation is a little different in that the owner of the site I maintain provides me with completed (and styled) Pages (OSX) files. There is a lot of Bold and Italic in the reports provided me.

When the Pages text is copied/pasted into RW I must retain the bold and italic formatting. However, it would be preferred to have all other styles set by the Theme Style (css).

The pasted text into RW gets an “un-seen” span added to it with inline css setting the same style as was in the Pages doc. This span code does not show anywhere except if you look at the generated html.

So here’s the problem. I want to retain the Bold and Italic inline styles (from the paste) but I want to remove the “main” inline setting of font and font size so that css will handle. I CANNOT copy and paste as plain text as there are simply too many bolds and italics that I’d have to re-style.

So… How can I edit the inline CSS of pasted in text? In edit mode all you see is the text.