Editting Rapidweaver site via iPad

I am awere of the technical reasons why there is no Rapidweaver app for iSO devices! However, i really need to edit some text remotely my rapidweaver site using my ipad on the go! Does anyone have any suggestions? Or a suitable app like Coda. For ipad?


Rob Johnson

If it’s just a bit of text, you could use something simple like Kuler Edits which lets you set up editable text stacks really easily.


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I use Easy CMS from Joe Workman.

I updated a headline on my site front page on my iPad during a meeting when asked to make the change. Did it before we moved on to the next agenda item. I think they were impressed, I was :grinning:


Thanks all. I’ll play around with your suggestions to see which is suitable :grinning: :beers:All round​:grinning: