RapidWeaver for iPad is there a need?

Is there a need for RapidWeaver for iPad and if so are there any plans to have it on the roadmap?
After the iPad Pro has been on the market for a while I’d like to see a version of RW to have a more portable way modifying my sites
Do you share my thoughts or is this only me?

Thanks Olaf

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It would be awesome to have RapidWeaver on an iPad. I thought so since the original iPad. But it will not work as it is a locked system, no way to get 3rd party apps into it.

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The problem is not third-party apps. It’s that iOS has no equal way for plugins to run in-apps. iOS expects all code that runs inside an app to be from the developer. There’s also a substantial amount of developer features that simply don’t exist on iOS today that things like Stacks depend on, whereas they are on the Mac.



Now with iOS 11 on the doorstep do you think this would be possible? iOS 11 have more opportunities for file handling etc.
I would love to Rapid Weave on the iPad.

I’d love to have Rapidweaver on my iPad.

Me too! Please bring rapid weaver to iPad!

Me too. I’ll love to use my iPad.

Nothing has changed from what @nikf outlined in his post above. Yeah it would be great if that could happen, but it’s not going to work with the restrictions Apple places on iOS applications.
You’re only option now and the foreseeable future is use a CMS that’ll allow you to update content from anywhere.

I’d like to have RapidWeaver on the iPad or some way to hack a blog entry from iPhone or iPad.

Probably not going to ever happen natively with RapidWeaver. I suggest to looking into a 3rd party way, like Total CMS, Pulse, or one of the many other ones out there.


Just use Armadillo, as Doug pointed out, a CMS will let you edit from anywhere. I setup my sites when needed so that as much editing as possible can be done inside Armadillo.

June 2021.
Now there are MacOS Monterey - iPadOS15 - Apple M1 and 2 are a total new situation for developers and Mac/iPad world.
Is there now the possibility to see a RW iPad version?

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