Two Animation stacks, what makes the tick?

Hi All, i have a friend who is addicted to Windose and Windows 7 he is also very security conscious of getting nasties infecting his computer, so i guess he perhaps doesnt bother using the latest browsers.
I often ask him to test out my Site before i release it to the “public domain” :slight_smile: , just recently i introduced some Animation to my Pages.

He said this Page didnt Animate

but this one DID !!!

So please may i ask the membership, what is the difference between these two Animated Pages, do they use different methods of creating the Animation, i wouldnt know where to begin to find out, thank you in advance to anyone who would like to take up the challenge ?



What two stacks are you using and what browsers is he using?

I have Foundry and am using the Reveal stack in one page at
this doesnt animate for my friend :frowning:

I dont have the Plan theme from MultiThemes so i sent him that link for comparison purposes and the Animation on that page works ok for him ?

So i guess that each stack has a different method of creating the Animations

I hope that helps, i perhaps should have given more information in the first place.

PS. i dont know what Browser he is using.


There are two primary ways to animate stuff. One is javascript and the other is CSS3. Depending on what browser you are using it may or may not support the CSS3 stuff. I don’t have foundry but since it is newer it probably uses CSS3.
If you know what borwser is being used you can check the supported features at:

@teefers thank you Doug, that is very useful and should answer my query completely Thanks.


Without knowing the browser it is pretty hard to answer the question, unfortunately. That being said, @teefers is correct in his thinking that Foundry’s Reveal stack uses CSS animations.

Hi @Elixir Adam it does appear that my friend uses uses a very old version of Firefox, because he has found that the later versions are Slower and he has a very slow Internet connection anyway.

Thanks for replying :slight_smile: