Email 'from' not showing

Hi everyone, I am relatively new to RW (been using Freeway) and have just built my first site.

The query I have relates to the contact form. I have built the site on Joe Workman’s Foundation and I thought I had set up the formbase correctly. The emails from the form are coming through OK but the visitors email address is not reflected in the ‘from’ field. Instead it appears to come from the generic server address that’s sending it. This means that I cannot just hit ‘reply’. I have used the {{email}} tag in the email setup section

…but it doesn’t seem to work as it’s not picking this up from the form.

Is there something else in the settings that I may have overlooked?

Many thanks for your help

You need to make sure that he has the names of the input fields set to “name” and “email”, so check and be sure those fields are set correctly.

As far as I can see, this is set up correctly

It seems to be an html page (instead of php), I wonder if that is the problem?

I have tried changing the extension and it doesn’t make any difference. The page in question is the booking enquiry page (sorry I didn’t mention this earlier!)

Interestingly, I have just tested the contact page and mails from that one are fine! The setup is exactly the same for both (other than the extra fields on the booking page)


OK, I have solved it!

In the ‘to’ address in the email setup section, I wanted to add another recipient and I added it on the same line separated by a comma. I have now added it separately (as it’s supposed to be!!) and all is good in the world!

My Freeway methodology at work!! (pays not to bring too much of that over!)

Thank you for all your help - it made me look at every field again.