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Just a quick question to the experienced online marketers here: What Email Marketing platform would you recommend for me to use? I am looking for one that is very easy to use (one that offers sleek and simple control and does not require any coding), but does have advanced contact list routing and detailed form building possibilities.

For your background:

I run a small business but have 30+ different contact lists and in total more than 10,000 email contacts. I send out multiple email marketing campaigns each month. Currently I use ConstantContact, which is great for its ease of use. ConstantContact allows me to build beautiful looking emailings in true WYSIWYG style: it’s just a matter of dragging and dropping, which is important as I don’t have any coding skills. Also, building email campaigns is very straightforward.

The major drawback of ConstantContact is that it lacks almost any of the more advanced options in terms of online lead generating forms. Their forms are extremely limited in scope and possibilities and can only be directed to one single contact list at a time (unless I let the website visitor choose into what contact list he/she wants to go).

Thanks for your two cents!


I don’t do email marketing but I know @TemplateRepo does and I believe he uses Joe Workman’s suite of Email stacks to create them and then… Sendy (maybe???) to send them out. I’m not sure on the last one.
But Joe’s stacks lets you build emails out like you would any Rapidweaver site and then export the code to whatever sending service you use.

Thank you. I will check it out. Appreciate your input!

Hi, as mentioned above, I run a email marketing website, producing and distributing email marketing campaigns for clients. I use Joes Email stacks to produce the emails and Sendy to distribute them.

Hope that help.

Fancy that… I do the same thing! :wink:

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Thank you.

Is there a tutorial for this stack? If in the video linked here can you tell me the time? I started to watch it and 6 minuets in it was still filler. Jumped around a bit but never saw how it actually sets things up or attaches to Sendy or any other service.

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