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I am designing my second website with rapidweaver and it’s for my friend’s business. He has a yahoo email address and I need the most effective, easy to us, setup and understand email stack because after I design the site, (I purchased the theme from he is going to buy rapidweaver and have it uploaded on his mac to do any changes to it on his own. I just need a simple, easy use and set up stack for yahoo.


If you are referring to Joe Workman’s email stack there’s product support page with documentation and video tutorials to get you started.

If you are looking to enable contact form any email address should work without additional stacks.

Hope this helps =) Can always ask more and there are plenty experienced users help you along.

When you say email stack, do you mean a Contant Form stack which sends enquires from your friend’s website to their yahoo email address?

Is there a specific reason for a form vs simply an email link? I ask because forms can get tricky (I.e. unreliable) when you’re not using an email that matches your domain (using instead of when submitting a form.

Many stacks will have options to try and ensure that you can use addresses that don’t match your domain but it makes me a bit weary.

If it’s simply aesthetics, I’d consider a Nickey styled button with an email link. If they need a form for other reasons, then ignore my comment.


Formulate can send form emails to Yahoo! email addresses via a third-party mail handling service like Formspree. Simple to setup and very reliable. Good quality styling and lots of different form inputs to choose. There is a free demo to download and install on your computer.


He doesn’t want to send emails, he just wants to have a forms stack that will work with his yahoo email address. I needs to me very simple and easy.

He only has one email address that he owns and uses and that is his yahoo. I think that the company that hosts his current site uses his yahoo address. I want to use a form email stack.

here is his current site

The Formulate @willwood mentioned above should work for a contact form.
You did not mention the hosting company, many of them do not allow a contact form to be sent to any outside mail address. This is to prevent “spammers” using their mail servers and getting blacklisted by ISP’s.
Most host companies have mail accounts that can be set up to “forward” the mail to another outside address.
So you could set up any one of many contact forms available to go to an address at the host and then have it forwarded automatically to his yahoo mail.
Will’s Formulate has a free trial before you buy version.


So what stack should I use?

I’ve only given you one link to a stack that might be suitable for creating a form that can send emails to a Yahoo! address.

It would be for you to decide which stack to use, based on your requirements.

Always try the free demo versions provided to fully evaluate the addon for suitability and compatibility, before committing to a purchase. These let you see exactly how the stack will look and function, before you buy it.

If a developer provides no demo version to download and install on your computer, you will either need to buy the addon and ‘hope for the best’ it works for you, or check you are covered by a refund guarantee.

Maybe start with the default RW contact form for the beginning and test your use case with that?

When you use the Marvel theme, this should also look nice :+1:

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