Embed a .pdf in RW or Stack


Site look cool.

How did you inlude (what stack did you use) to show PDF in viewer above the button. I cant seem to replicate what you have done. Would you kindly explain please (I am new to RW). Also, I have posted new entry below today. I cant seem to attach PDF file like your - what am I adoing wrong? Thanks in advance.


True downloads 2 requires the files be zipped.
I don’t use resources, I upload all of my files to the server, to keep them organized.
PDF Embed from Weaver.Space


Thanks for the feedback, I will try zip files.

I have subscribed with A2 provider. Do I use their file manager and place PDF’s in a folder? If yes, how do you link from RW pages please?



Link to a full URL

breadcrumb to find my way back

Really sorry, I am totally new to RD / hosting. Are you able to share few more comments to both above please. Are you saying use filemanger at A2 place the PDf and somehow get URL for the file location and embed the link in RW page?

Sorry, if this is silly question. I am little and I really need to embed lots of PDFs so users can down load.

Thanks in advance.


How many pdf files…the number can influence the design.

This uses Paperless

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Hi Joe

I will have circa 6 pdf per page (one per primary class) - I plan to have circa 6 pages.

PDF will be one page docs which children can down load and play xword and other such printed activities.

Hope this makes sense

Thanks in advance

Wow! This is not far from what I want to achive.

Please share how this was developed, embedded into RW and hosted.

Thanks in advance

Sorry, ignore last msg found it

Easy to setup and configure.
Yell if you need help.


Wow, dowloaded test version and got it almost fully working - really pleased but, I cant seem to change the "display files’ and “filter file” default is white font colour - see attached screen print.

This was an excellent shout - thanks.


My best guess without a URL is those are being set by the theme you are using.

If you would like to override the styling you could try something like this:

span.label-wrapper {
    color: green;

That should change the “filer Files” label. The demo page doesn’t have the display label.