Searching for a PDF Stack

Good evening everyone,

I’m looking for a stack with which I can embed PDF files, unfortunately I’m not really clear with Embed & PDF Embed.

It would be nice if it were compatible with Foundry.
Thank you for your efforts & sincerely


All of my stacks should work in any theme. This include PDF Embed.

Hello Joe,

First of all thank you for your speedy response!

I have managed to embed this by now (I am still rather the RW beginner).

Is there a way to embed a PDF icon instead of the content of the PDF so that the content does not become visible until it is opened in another window?

Thanks in advance & congratulations to the stack, which is great - if you can use it. :-)!

You can use any button that will link to the pdf resource.
If you want the button to be an icon?
I just use a rather plain utton that says “open in browser” :wink:

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Thank you very much!

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