Embed a spreadsheet

Is there a way to embed a spreadsheet in a page that can be filled in by users with a login?

User? As in site visitor, Or site owner?

Google sheets and gridiron3 from chillidog @barchard is a slick set up.

@RichardLW you could embed a google form which populates a google spreadsheet. this spreadsheet can then be embedded on your site directly or using Grid Iron. The data would be automatically updated directly from the google spreadsheet.

I am not using Google drive or apps (at the moment) signing up for google apps at their rate for the dozen or so people I want to see and edit the sheet is not worth $5 a month per person in my small company.

I have never used google apps, so not sure if that is what you are referring to.

I want to set up a tracking system to make sure all three of my offices are up to speed with one customer’s 15 plants and daily orders. I can do it on a spreadsheet, but each person needs to see the daily movement and add projected availability or invoice numbers when delivered.

Does the grid iron open any sheet, even on my server, or just google?

Google docs is free for gmail.com users. You don’t need google apps.

Grid iron supports csv and excel files too but they are read only. Grid iron can not write to or update these files. I recommend csv over excel for performance reasons.