Grid Iron 3, Spreadsheets never looked this good

Ah spreadsheets. They can be very helpful, but a bit boring too. With Grid Iron, you can turn your bland data into rich and responsive tables. Version 3 makes it simple to incorporate data from almost anywhere including CSV, Excel, or Google Sheets. With a click of a button, you too can have a styled table to match your site.

New features:

  • CSV, Excel and Google Sheets
  • Enhanced markdown
  • New styling controls
  • Column pinning
  • Improved responsiveness
  • New network and cache system
  • Export your table with one click into PDF, Print, & CSV formats
  • Supports 60 Languages

Want to see Grid Iron in action? Check out our video overview or view a live demo.

Interested in learning more about Grid Iron? We have some great tutorials waiting. Ready to start weaving with Grid Iron? Grid Iron 3 is available now from our online store.

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A very nice stacks Greg, love the implementation of what can be used and what the visitor can export (PDF, etc).

Job well done and easy to use!



Thanks. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Whenever you need to build a table, I find that it comes in handy.


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Looks great. I must get it.

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The Grid Iron video sound volume is set too low to hear on my Macbook Air with my MBA volume at the highest setting.

I’ll keep it in mind for the next video. Please make sure the volume control in Vimeo is turned up. There are blue bars in the bottom right to further control the volume.

Can Grid Iron handle URLs in cells? If so, I’m curious how it looks on the frontend.

Yes, you can use Markdown to write links. They’re appear like regular links. The styling depends on your theme’s link styling. :slight_smile:

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Grid Iron 3 just keeps on getting better. Version 3.1.1 is now available as a free update for existing users. Version 3.1 adds some great new features including AJAX table loading. This greatly speeds up large (like really large) tables. Also in 3.1 is the ability to preview your tables directly in RapidWeaver. No more demo table! Full details are below. New users can grab Grid Iron 3 from my online store.


New Features

  • AJAX table loading! Optionally load tables via AJAX. Greatly improves the speed for really large tables
  • Button text is now translatable
  • New and unique paging options
  • Ability to set a default sort column
  • Query string sorting. Specify a ?c=X&d=Y to the page where X is the column number (starting with 0) and Y is the direction (asc or desc)
  • New checkbox for fixed table headers (thanks @willwood)
  • Greatly reduced dependencies. Files published is about 50% smaller
  • Preview support! Preview your real tables in RapidWeaver preview instead of a dummy table

Bug Fixes

  • Parsing special characters in translatable fields
  • Default timezone not set to UTC
  • Remove Status Board (Status Board has been discontinued by Panic)
  • Hide columns from Printing and Exporting
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Happy Holidays and New Year!

GridIron 3.1.6 is now live. This release is a bug fix and optimization release to make GridIron smaller, faster, and more robust.

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Bug Fixes

  • Filter/prevent users from entering invalid column numbers
  • Using table heading font sizes and colors
  • Remove extra JS include
  • Remove duplicate JS Shims when using more than 1 instance of GridIron on a page