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@zeebe @joeworkman, as regards the 'Off Canvas" stack, Does it only work as a menu when the other stacks are put into the stack itself? I ask as I’ve switched the ‘top bar’ stack for the ‘off canvas stack’ (I prefer that style of menu), but the other pages aren’t showing in the menu with “Rapidweaver menu” selected.

I’m happy to open a support ticket, but I’ve searched on line before contacting you and when I make mistakes, it’s usually something obvious…

Am I missing something obvious?

Yes, to use the Off Canvas stack, all content must be put into the stack.

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Thanks @zeebe. I suppose it makes sense to allow the content to be paid shed to the side.

Is there a way to place it in a partial without having the whole page in the same partial?

@zeebe @joeworkman is there a way to include the off canvas in a partial? I’ve tried a search but can’t find an answer.



Yes, just unpin the off canvas content area in the partial editor - the content is then added per page just like any unpinned drop zone in a partial.

If you are not sure how to use partials, here is the YourHead video on how to do it all:

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Thank you Andrew. I appreciate your time.

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