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Hi Guys,
Is there anything like Partials, that sets up a template, but if I add it to say 6 pages of my site, I can tweak each one independently to suit each page, rather than that changing the partial on every page to still look the same? Thanks in anticipation.

Ps My idea is to have 2 columns, 1 side HTML for paypal, needing changes, the other side text, to remain the same, as would all colours & borders etc :+1:

What are you changing?

You can have pinned and unpinned content as part of the partial.

Or you can unpack the partial once you place it on the page.

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Sorry I did reply, but can’t now see it?
I’m putting together on a page:

  • 2 Column

  • 1 Column has a HTML Stack which I put a PayPal Button in

  • 2nd Column box is text

I want to use this (Parallel or similar) on about 6 other pages, but need to change the PayPal Button on each page. It’d be great if I could keep the colours, 2nd Column, margins etc the same on each page :+1:

Sorry I’m not sure what ‘pinned & unpinned content’ is or how it works. This is my first website :scream:
Thank you :grin:

Here is my sample.
HTML for the PayPal button is odd
I use PaySnap so there is a cart…allows your user to buy more then one item without checking out each time. Most users will just go away!
Not sure what you are selling…but I used floaty @joeworkman to show the product and give a description.
A picture is worth 10,000 words!
Here is what the edit mode looks like:

Here is what it looks like in preview:

And here it is published for you to try out:


When you make a partial with stacks, depending on the content you want to change, there is a small “pushpin” icon on the top right corner of the content area. If you select it that area becomes editable on each page you add the partial on:

After selected:

I don’t know what PayPal button you are using, and what you need to change on the button. As a general rule, if you can edit the item in the main edit area and not the inspector sidebar, it’s pinnable or unpinnable. If what you want to change is in the inspector area then you will need to replace the entire item.

Most two-column stacks the entire content area for each side is pinnable.

Play around with it and you’ll see what I mean.

Hears a video you can have a look at, it’s on stacks 3 but still applies to Stacks 4:


Thank you, I have now used Cartloom. We generally sell tickets for dance events, but also take deposits for dance weekends & holidays. Really appreciate your help & taking time out :pray:

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