ENDEAVOR glitch or corrupt view when loading pages...need help please

When you click to the any pages, image’s banner collapse and it seems to be glitch or corrupt view…
just 2 seconds and then its ok but it is so strange… when loading a page its a caos.
Anybody have a suggestion to fix this issue please?
Take a look at this site http://www.mobila.it/

and click every page in the Nav Menù and u will see the “effect”…

Thank you so much.

Ahoi @andrecreative,

I assume this is no glitch of the theme but just a matter of your banner images. I checked them out and noticed for them being way to big. By testing the website the problem you described did only appear on the first tome loading the website, but not on the second or third time as the images got cached.

I compressed them using tinypng.com and were able to save all in all about 3 MB.

Here I compared the original and the compressed images:

I believe by doing this you can avoid this little problem :wink:

Happy weaving :grin:

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Hi thank you so much for your excellent support but… yes i’ve compressed all the images with tinypng.com … and the result seems to be the same take a look please http://www.mobila.it/

Anyway thank you so much for your suggest… any other suggestions for me?! Please…:slight_smile:

Well, you could use a preloader to hide the site until its fully loaded.
Here you can see one of them, but there are way more out there.


Wow sounds good !!! You are my “solve problem Man” !!! :grinning::slight_smile::grin:
Its works fine right now thank you so much !!!