Enlarging a photo used in a blog

Hello. I would like the option to click on a photo on my blog post and it enlarges, similar to when you click on a thumbnail in a photo albums page and they enlarge.

I am using the blog page that comes with Rapidweaver and the Rustic theme by Elixir Graphics.

Is that possible without purchasing an additional stack/add on?
Thank you

I’m pretty sure it isn’t - unless you’re happy to integrate a free third party lightbox by hand.

The only way I’ve come across is to use PlusKit from YourHead which has an option to lightbox images that were ‘tagged’ in a particular way. But it means buying something else.


Thanks. I actually use light box and plus kit already on my website on other pages. I also use Stacks4Stacks TopBox to add lightboxes to my pages. My problem is the standard blog page that comes with Rapidweaver does not have anyway to add any custom features (that I can figure out anyway) like adding stacks or other add ons.

You may want to look into the new Poster stack by @instacks. I don’t have the direct link at hand, but it may be a perfect addition for you.

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Thanks. That does look like a beautiful solution. It seems like I need to either be content with the basic blog page that ships with Rpaidweaver or be willing to invest some time and money in creating something more custom.

AI just released version 1.1.2 of the stack with more thumbnail options, thanks to Lisa @LSPhoto :slight_smile:


I love it, thanks! But I probably can’t use it within the Rapidweaver blog page, can I?

No, of course not :slight_smile: That is a feature of Poster Stack.

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Link the image to a warehoused image or an image on Flickr or something like that.
See here: http://gavinsurf.com/Blog/index.php?id=1702866426883511097


Thank you! I love to be inspiration for developers. I am a photographer and print graphic designer so I tend to think a bit differently than web designers.

I have a couple of meetings today but will check this out as soon as I’m back in front of my computer :slight_smile:

Cheap Seats here. (Don’t rely on anything I say as pivotal).

Everybody seems to have their choice & its whatever they use to success vs comparing plug-ins.

There are a few available that do what you seem to be wishing for:. Collage 2 does that.
Caveat: I have a few issues with Collage 2 being responsive, fitting well on all device sizes. So I’d say extensively test it FIRST, to be sure you get what you want in your theme. It may not be the be-all, end-all for your purpose.

(Non sequitur Aside: I may have erroneously referred to Collage 2 in another post as “Carousel 2” which is now FLOW).

Then Again:
After viewing Poster Stack - it looks like this is what I wanted all along, based upon the advert.

Which is why I told you about it (Poster Stack) when you were having issues.


Yes, I remembered.
Don’t mean to hijack someone else’s thread.

My conclusion is currently the same: I’m not buying anything new, esp. untested
after dropping several hundred dollars to bring me to this point.

It is even compared using the theme I am using (Reason Pro).
Actually there is another theme with hideaway sidebar that better suits me.

Poster Stack does however, look like what I wish had appeared before I made the choices I did.
Still expect to get Armadillo to work for blogging & doesn’t affect my PhotoGalleries, so far as I can tell.

Until now, the response is tremendously good :blush:

And if you need a gallery for Armadillo, I have also an answer :slight_smile: