Stack for Photo placement RW 6

Hi Everyone! I have placed some photos on a page that just showcases an event. The photos look boring just sitting there. Instead of using the images page I used a Stacks page so I can have text content on the page with the photos. I am looking to a stack that helps place the photos better on the page and maybe allows the viewers to click on the image and it magnifies or something of that sort.

Any help is good help I am still trying to get us to RW so I could be missing something completely that I could be doing with out stacks.

Thanks everyone!

Also here is the website so you can see what I am talking about.

Hi Matt,

sounds like you might like a Lightbox.

Here’s an inexpensive one - ($3.00)

Here’s something with a bit more oomph - (£10.00)

There are loads. Go over to and search for lightbox or gallery and you’ll find plenty to choose from.

These are all stacks by the way.