Epub Stack using OSS?

(Michael Kane) #1

I previously asked whether a stack could be written to generate epubs in Rapidweaver. I thought I’d update the question.
Turns out, generation of epubs is easy from the command line if you have the web page’s index file (index.html) in a folder:

Running the open source e-book convert utility from the command line yields the ebook:

$$>ebook-convert index.html book.epub

So making a Stack that would wrap the ebook-convert utility would generate the ebook from the web page.
I can’t imagine that this would require a great deal of coding.

Here’s more on the subject:


And here’s the previous thread:

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #2

That is technically impossible. Stack addons are not able to execute terminal commands.

But as it is that easy, I guess you are good to go to do this by yourself, aren’t you :wink:

(Michael Kane) #3

Then perhaps the program could be run from within RW without a Stack?
The point is that all the hard work has already been accomplished by those who wrote the utility.
Their work does not need to be replicated.
I wear too many hats as it is; that’s why I posted on the forum.

(Michael Kane) #4

There’s this for using the command line within Rapidweaver; a plug-in but not a stack:

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #5

No. This will let you generate a export based on a rw project from the command line. You are not able to execute a command inside rw with this.

(Michael Kane) #6

Getting closer and closer…
Perhaps there’s some way that a script executed from within RW could call the command line and execute the epub creation file on the generated index.html project file.
Then RW would have epub creation functionality.

(Michael Kane) #7

Here’s a website which can turn a website into an epub. Why couldn’t this functionality be incorporated into Rapidweaver? Giving Rapidweaver epub functionality would extend its capabilities and hence, its value. To those who said that his cannot be done: