Errant formatting but where.... Sharestack

Can’t track down what is happening so appealing for help…

Two work in progress pages both using Sharestack - on one it’s working perfectly, on the second the formatting (and functionality) has gone haywire. I can’t see what’s doing it. Can anyone see what I’m missing ?



What are you seeing? I don’t see any obvious differences between them.

I’d try clearing the cache on your browser.




look pretty much the same to me. Certainly no haywireness that I can see. Maybe share a screen of what you’re seeing?

On one I’m seeing this - and this is on 3 different machines (and a mobile). 2 of which have never been to the site before so I’d ruled cache issues out…

Your screenshot looks like a CSS file didn’t load. Can you check developer tools to see?

Btw, still not seeing the issue on:

OS X: Safari, Chrome, Firefox
iPad (iOS 13.x): Safari
iPhone (iOS 12.x): Safari
Windows 10: Edge, Chrome

Loads fine for me

Thanks for all looking - must be a cache / loading issue. Just a bit perplexed by it happening on different machines. Only thing in common is the network they are attached to. A complete clear and republish methinks.


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