Site in a mess,need help/advice plz

Hi all,

I have been having some problems with getting changes I’ve made to my site appearing after I’ve re published it. As in they appear in my preview on screen but when i click publish, it says done but nothing ever changes. So i decided to take it all down and re upload my files, and then couldn’t get my site to appear. I contacted my host site for support and they said id put it in the wrong place and should have been in public_html. They said they had moved it all to the right areas but were now having this issue. (next is copied from my support ticket)

I have now recreated the public_html folder as this is the hosting’s root folder and then moved your content so it sits under public_html.
Now, accessing, I am being redirected to and this happens because of a redirect you’ve set most probably in the index.html file.
I’m afraid that this is a coding matter and you will have to look into it from your end.

I replied to seek more help and got this back:

Hi Andy,
As I can tell, the redirect is set in the index.html file: content=“0;url=”, however, since coding matters exceed our area of expertise, you should check with a developer on how to fix this as I’m afraid such matters are also outside our scope of support.

I would be VERY grateful of any help or advice as i need to get this site back up asap.

Many thanks in advance


I just went to:

Seems OK.
url came back as

What @teefers said. Works fine for me here on Chrome under Windows.

Yes thanks all, think I’ve cracked it after hours of panic!!