Page Formatting Issue - Need Help

I need help trying to figure out what is causing the content on all my sites pages from jumping when the page loads? See on my site here. I’m thinking it may be caused by the Pin Stack.

And on the support page why sometimes do I have extra space at the top on the page, in between the nav and the page header, every 2-4 page reloads? And why is the support page sometimes taking a long time to load?

Not seeing issues on my end. Are you looking at your website via a browser (i.e. NOT previewing in RW). Based on what you write I can’t tell if this is supposed to be a within-RW issue or a website-as-published issue. At any rate, “as published” it looks fine. No jumping on load, no extra space on reload at Support.

I’m seeing the issue via a browser as well as in preview. And I don’t think it’s a browser cache issue.

I see it but not sure what’s doing it. At least what you are saying is happening in Safari on my MacBook Pro. What Theme are you using and what stacks etc. Could be a stack issue

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I’m using the Depth Theme and the following stacks, the Depth Theme stacks, multiple column stacks, Pin, Wallpaper, multiple HTML stacks, CustomFont, multiple text stacks, Shady, CSS Box, multiple button stacks, image stacks, Font Awesome, and Scroll Page.

hmm I would duplicate the project and start deleting things until the problem goes away then you would know what is casing the issue. I would say its a stack with some king of border or padding close to the top of the page;

I wonder if it is “FOUC”:

I’ll be sure to try that, thanks.

But anyone else have any other thoughts maybe anyone that could look at the source code and find the issue?

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