Everweb Refugee

I have been designing my website on everweb. But I ran into some odd issues where elements of my page are spontaneously being deleted by the app, each time I recreate them the app deletes them again.
Suffice to say it appears Everweb has become a liability. So I’m considering now switching to rapidweaver. As It appears I have to redesign my entire site one way or another, and if Everweb has these profound problems, I don’t want to use it anymore.

But I have a question before I buy Rapidweaver and start redesigning a new site from the ground up.

  1. Does Rapid weaver have a members only portal / Login ability? I want my customers to be able to login and then see page elements normally hidden to the nonmembers.

  2. Does Rapidweaver have responsive page design? Does it have parallax background abilities?

  3. I’d like to make a page more or less like this: https://cryptocrewuniversity.com
    Can rapidweaver do this?

  4. Do I need any HTML skills? As I have none.

Thanks for the help.

Yes out of the box RW can do Responsive Websites.

There is a 3rd party Plugin called stacks. There are a number of Stacks(3rd party) that can do Parallax. There is also at least one theme that has that ability (without stacks)

Not out of the box. There is a 3rd party addon call sitelok that works well with RW.

No, you don’t need HTML, CSS or JavaScript skills to use RW.

With the stacks plugin and one of many Framework addons, you should be able to do something like that. I hope you would make it more pleasing.

Thanks for the quick response.

I am trying the rapidweaver demo now. It looks very rapid. BUT it looks also limited by theme design. I can’t move things around like in everweb. Is this what stacks does? Kinda the modular drag and drop type of design mode?

One of the reasons I picked everweb is there seems to be so many addons for rapidweaver one could spend a fortune getting them all. How do I know which ones to get? How do I know this will be enough? I’m on a budget.

Stacks give RW the ability to move things around on the page.

They have a free demo available as well

You can spend a lot.

Just go slow.

The stacks plugin (page type) is probably the most important one to start with. Then there are 1,000’s of stacks addons.

Some are free, some have try before you buy, check out https://stacks4stacks.com.

RW was originally very “Theme” dependant, now there are a bunch of what are called frameworks. That’s a blank theme and stacks made for that theme to build any kind of site you want.

Like Foundry, Foundation, Platform, Source, and more.


What about my domain? It’s registered to everweb’s company Rage software. How do I switch that?
I plan do migrate by the end of this billing period.

I don’t know what that is? Never used everweb.

Do you own the domain or do they?

Usually you have control of the domain, DNS, and hosting and can transfer and move things around at your will.

The domain name can be held at one company and hosted somewhere else. The dns determines where the site lives.
Perhaps someone else might have experience with everweb.

@pacman7293 What type of Everweb account do you have? I see there are 3 types: Standalone, Light, and Pro. Useful to know before giving advice.

As mentioned above, Stacks is essential. I would say a framework is highly desirable as it provides the most flexability. And as @teefers noted, any of the frameworks will allow you to create the website you linked to.

Most likely they do not own the domain name, you should be able to redirect the DNS settings to point the domain name to whatever server you want - theirs or another. They are affiliated with a web hosting and domain name registration site called InfinitySW.com

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