Exporting Site Seems to Render Complete "RW Publishing" function-why?

Note, I do NOT use RW’s publishing function, I use Transmit to FTP. Since the most recent update when I have an editing change and choose “Export Site”, RW seems to go through it’s own internal complete Publishing function to my project export folder. I figured out that (prior to this last release) a simple edit change which used to be handled under “Export Changes” was now handled under Export Site - and seemed to export just the changed page. Now however all pages get the blue dot and get republished whether they have been changed or not. Now an additional window comes up telling me RW is publishing my website, and the whole shebang gets processed.

Why is this? What happened to the efficient process for just publishing edited pages?

Hi… I too do not like the new setup for “publishing” to a local folder. I prefer to use FTP also. I for one vote for the right click “export page” option to be re-instated. You can “publish” single pages to local folder but it does seem to take much longer and right now my Blog does’t export at all. Even if I manually mark as changed and exports it only exports the rss.xml file only… no blog pages.

I publish to a local folder, then FTP with Transmit. I just want the ability to export ONLY the edited changed pages which then get uploaded. Right now the entire project gets exported and uploaded via FTP even if one page has been edited. Very inefficient IMHO.

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You can still export only changed pages in RW7 though I don’t like how they changed it. Set your publishing to a local folder (make sure the path is set), then when a page is highlighted in the left panel right click on it and “publish.” If publsihing is set to local folder it will export and publish the single page. Again, I agree with you like I prefer the old method of exporting. Oh, and I believe the “changed page flag need to be set too.” (Another reason the old way was better. ie: just do what I ask and export the page regardless of status.)