RW 6 publishing confusion

I’m running into a potential problem with RW version 6. It all revolves around publishing.

First, in preferences I’ve set “clear page status” to when publishing (not exporting). What I’m expecting is I’ll see the little markers indicating a page has been changed, and those will go away, only when the page has been published. However, the little dot indicator goes away during the export phase.

Second, what is the Export phase all about? Publishing is MUCH quicker with RW6 compared to v5, but this export phase takes an unusually long time. So, all in all, I’d guess that my website does not export any faster with v6 than v5. Conceptually I don’t know why the export phase is there. It’s not like I’m exporting to a folder on my hard drive. Could someone explain the difference between exporting to a folder, versus what exporting does in the publishing process.

I don’t know if I’ve found a bug or all of this is expected behavior.

Which exact version, please? I’ll take a look.

The exporting phase is exactly that: generating the HTML that will then be published.


I’d always been under the impression that the export phase writes the project files to a discrete disk location which is then used as the FTP source folder for the FTP phase, which upon completion of FTP (one way or another) is then cleaned up in the background. Is that incorrect?

@kryten yes, we don’t store the generated HTML in memory - it’s written to a temporary location, which is cleaned up. That’s the implementation detail. —N

@nikf I’m using RW version 6.2.3

Thanks for the explanation of the export phase. Got it!

It would be nice if the page markers went away only after publishing, instead of exporting. The main reason is if the publishing fails (I’ve sometimes gotten a hangup or FTP timed out messages) then it would be nice to see which pages got published, and which didn’t.

Attached is a screenshot of my preferences pane.

Thanks: I’ve filed this in our bug tracker. It won’t make 6.2.4 (we’re only a schedule, and we’re aiming to release regular updates), but I can reproduce it here so we’ll take a look.

I’m having issues publishing today as well. Yesterday was fine. Today I got error messages, then this last time it just hung with 7 files still to be published (according to the progress bar. Seems to be the bug you’re talking about? I’m updated on all latest RW software.

@nikf : I continue to get publishing errors, especially when working at home on RW 6. 2.3. I have 2 different spots where I can work: back near my router and publishing seems to work very well there, with occasional problems. The other spot it towards the front of my home which gets the wifi from an extender (Dlink). Everything else works fine, but RW publishing is a 50/50 chance when using the extender. Transmit has no problems at all.

Is this a bug? Could some improvements be added? I have tried with both “extended passive mode” clicked on, and off, in Publishing prefs.