Export Hangs After A Few Pages

(Brett Venson) #1

This has been reported to you guys already but I have not heard back yet. The issue is an exception is thrown during the export function (found in the logs). I have mailed a vanilla project with about 40 pages (using stacks and styled text) and it is reproducible. I had a few responses from Brian but it has been 7+ days and radio silence. I would really appreciate a response as to where this is with development.

(Simon Maddox) #2

Hey @Brett,

I managed to look at your project yesterday and sent some questions back to support to pass on to you.

I might as well ask you here though. Does it work with minify disabled? (Settings -> General -> Advanced)



(Brett Venson) #3


Thanks for responding back. That was the issue. I can now export but is
this a know issue and will it be resolved in a patch or next release.

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(Simon Maddox) #4

@Brett: excellent, thanks for confirming that. That’s a relief!

Yes, it’s a known issue and one that will hopefully be fixed in RapidWeaver 7.1. (We’re releasing a build to developers today that includes this fix, and they’ll be able to let us know if it’s fixed for them too)

(Bernard O'Sullivan) #5

Just tested V7.1. Upload failed at the usual point!

(Maks Zbogar) #6

This bug drives me mad. I had to save project, exit rapidweaver completely and then reopen RW and open project, then click publish again… this is so frustrating :(, I will probably have to move to Wordpress again…