Solved :- Export to my Hard Drive, should the site work as normal?

Hi all, i decided to Publish/Export to my Hard Drive this evening, i really thought the “site” would work as normal, as i heard people doing it this way, and then they can simply Drag and Drop the Exported files to FTP.

However, tonight, after exporting to my Hard Drive, but ONLY the Home page works correctly, when the Menu links are clicked all i see is a listing of files in the folder !!! ???

Surely this isnt right ?


Are you talking about just viewing it from your harddrive or did you FTP it to a web server and it doesn’t work?

You have to run a local web server to do it from a local hard drive. Something like mamp

@timmytoad – Normally, using FTP should be an easy and fail-proof process. Could you explain in more detail what did you do (in RW and in your FTP app) regarding exporting/uploading and how did you attempt to preview your exported/uploaded website? Some screenshots of your directory on a server should be helpful, too.

Turn off Tidy Website Links in your preferences for viewing your exported site stored locally.

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@LaPan thanks for your suggestion, that no doubt should have helped, but not for me, today :frowning:


@Rovertek Thanks Rob, I think i should have put this whole Post in “Beginers” LOL

I have only just discovered that Publishing AND/OR Exporting to a Folder on my Hard Drive is so much quicker than Publishing to my Web Server at
And as i am continually making small changes to my Site, i thought that viewing it from my Hard Drive would be much better/quicker for seeing what difference my small changes have made.
I have both Published and Exported to my Hard Drive and i get the same trouble in both cases, the Home page shows up fine, as do all the other “.html” pages ! ?

i have found that the ONLY page that doesnt actually open is a “.php” file, RW will not let me rename it back to “.html” and also Safari was giving me a message that it couldnt open “.php” files, so I over came this restriction in System Preferences, Safari should now open “.php” files by default, but it wont !!, the screenshot above is what i see when i try to open this “.php” file ?


@swilliam Hi scott thanks for your response. i only get the trouble when viewing the site from a folder on my hard drive, Safari wont open a “.php” file, that is all it is !!!, FTPing to my Web Server is OK :slight_smile:


You will not be able to see an exported/locally published site by double clicking on the index.html/php file
If you want to view your site locally as if its been properly published to a remote server you can install MAMP, it is a full blown webserver for your Mac.

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GAs Paul says and I mentioned above you need to run a local webserver in order to test locally MAMP is free and pretty easy to set up if you feel you need this ability. It will run php as well.

Hi, Tim,
As Paul said, to view your exported site directly from your hard drive, you need to use either the built-in Apache web server (part of OS X) or install MAMP (easier to use version of a server) on your Mac.

I attempted to use MAMP in the past, but it never gave me a full satisfaction (probably because of my own ignorance in this area).

So, I adopted my own approach, which is simply to upload previously locally exported site to my host server. Works for me every time, although I agree with you that previewing my site on my computer would be faster. If I only could use MAMP…

@Rovertek @swilliam @PaulRussam

Thank You ALL OF YOU :slight_smile:

I really appreciate the time and trouble you have taken , trying to help me on this problem that i have created for myself.

You have certainly put me right, I thought it was going to be easy ?, but it obviously isnt LOL.

Later :- HI ALL, I have NOW installed MAMP, (never ever heard of it before ! )

AND WITHIN MINUTES I WAS A VERY HAPPY LAD, I was so pleased, that i copied my PulseCMS folder from my Web Server and my CMS Photo Galleries worked perfectly :slight_smile: it was the Pulse CMS part that i really did want to work.

Thanks LADS @Rovertek @swilliam @PaulRussam

PS. Therefore, am i on the right track when i say, the fully Working Site i now have in my MAMP folder, can simply be dragged to the relevant folder in my FTP App, so i can avoid the Publishing facilities in RW ???


I (and many others) use Transmit to upload to our servers, this is my methodology:
In RW I only have a local folder set as a publishing destination.
I Publish all files and then subsequently only publish site(changes) or a single page.
I have a favorite in Transmit per site, it stores the login info, destination server/folder info and the local folder info.
Transmit will sync the contents of the local folder and the server thus only uploading the changes.

Periodically I’ll trash the contents of the Local folder and do a republish all files.

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@PaulRussam Thanks for your Tips Paul, that does seem the way to go, makes the Publishing chore a lot easier and quicker.

I use the FTP app “Yummy FTP Pro” i bet I could do very similar things with that, which you do with “Transmit” :slight_smile: