How can I share my home page without publishing?

How can I share what I have done with other RW users without publishing my site? I’d love to get an some opinions from others.


You could publish to a sandbox - sub directory or similar.

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@hsakols you could publish it temporally on a draft folder at your hosting service provider and put it on a subdomain on one of your domains with or without a key access or similar. Is just a thought, can’t say it for sure. For example I have got in the past a domain just for testing my sites (draft) and/or showing to a client before publishing them to the public, this is always a good way of working (testing) so is just a recommendation :neutral_face:


As long as your page does not have any PHP code on it, you could export your site to a folder, then you can drag and drop the index.html file to Safari and it should open it (linking to other pages will not work though). So, you could put that exported site on a flash drive, and then drag it to any browser on any system.

If you do have PHP code, you could get MAMP and run it that way. You again would have to export your site to a folder and then point MAMP to it. There is even a MAMP for Windows, so again, you could put your exported folder on a flash drive, and also the installer of MAMP (for both Mac and Windows) on the flash drive and show people that way as well.

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This is an angle that doesn’t come up much.
Is it any harder using MAMP with RW than with Wordpress?

If MAMP works for all PHP needs / SQL databases, etc.,


You can actually have as many sites as you like in the free version, I have 9. Just make a new folder for each site in the htdocs folder of MAMP then save your site to that folder. When MAMP opens click ‘My Website’ and you should see all your folders, click the folder name of the site you want to look at in the browser.