Export and publish

(jojaeger) #1

Where is the option to Export to a default folder in RW7, like in RW6 and RW5?
Now - everytime I will export one of my 7 project, it points to the same folder on my Mac)
Why can’t I publish a single page - like in RW5 and RW6
I’ve discused this with others on this Forum and they say
"Right-click page in Page panel, choose Publish and then it only Publish a single page (with associates)"
To that I can only say - NO - it publishes ALL pages on my site, just around 200 pages

Is there anybody out there whit same experiences - and solutions to get it right ?

(Simon Maddox) #2

Hi @jojaeger,

You can export your site as a one-off using File -> Export Site, or you can set up a Local Folder as a publishing destination if you’d like to do it regularly.

To get the single page publishing to work, I think you’ll need to allow it to do a full publish first. If that doesn’t help, I’d suggest getting in touch with support@realmacsoftware.com and they’ll be able to help you further.



(jojaeger) #3

I can’t set up the same local folder to export to from RW.
I have to manually locate it every time I want to export through Finder.
In RW5 and 6 there was a option “Export to default folder” where I once located the folder to export to and then it always exported to this folder just by clicking this option - isn’t this option available in RW7

(Simon Maddox) #4

Hi @jojaeger,

As I mentioned in my first reply, if you want to do it regularly you can set up a local folder as a publishing destination. Add it in exactly the same way as you’d add an FTP server, but instead of FTP you should choose “Local Folder”.

If you have any further issues with this, the support team over at support@realmacsoftware.com are really helpful :smiley:



(Wondrous) #5

I do not understand the other, why should made so that when you export, the program automatically saves the project. It is very inconvenient.

(jojaeger) #6

In RW 5 & 6 there were an option to Export to the folder which I could set up once.
In RW 7 this option is put away - now you have to make 2 Publish-options for each project to Export - (I’m running several projects) and it was this options I asked for