Export Single Page to Local Folder gone in RW7?

The “right click” EXPORT SINGLE PAGE contextual menu is gone in RW7. All I can find is EXPORT SITE functions. How can I export single pages to a local folder in RW7?

Are you using the latest 7.0.2?

You can still Publish page by right clicking after you set your publishing settings to Local File.

Yes, but I use BOTH publish to server and Export to Local folder a LOT, depending on what I’m doing and changes made. I WILL GREATLY miss having BOTH options available with a simple right click. Now I have to go set an option then come back and export or publish. This seems like a step backward to me…

As info… the Publish to Export to Location is not working for me. With my Blog project I get “Exporting Home” dialog box but no files are exported. I let the Export dialog box set there for 15 minutes and nothing happened. Finally had to Force Quit RW7.

In another project, I have a subfolder with 40 pages in it. Only 4 of the 40 pages are exported. I set the “Mark All as Changed” flag and still, only 4 or the 40 were exported.

I stand corrected. I wasn’t waiting long enough. I have a 780 page blog that exports in 26 second in RW6. RW7 “exports” for 12 minutes (dialog reports “exporting”) before it returns a “No new pages to publish” message. I manually “mark as changed” and there is clearly a “change dot” to the right of the blog page. Export again and the same msg… “no new page to publish” after 12 minutes.