What's The Difference?

(Mark Medford) #1

Hoping someone can tell me difference in RW 7 between “Export” and “Publish”. Now that there’s no “Export Changes” I’m not clear. I updated a project and exported it to my desktop (I publish via Transmit). When I make further changes what do I select to get the changes into the exported folder? If I was mistaken to use export initially, if I empty that local folder, select it to publish to - using publish rather than export - will it basically just recreate what I’d exported? Do I then select re-publish from that point on and will only the changes be published? Thank you!

(Peter Danckwerts) #2

Publish sends the files to your web server. Export saves the files locally.

(Mark Spaulding) #3

Publish will now send all your files the first time you publish to either your online server or your local folder. http://d.pr/i/1jR03 You select where you want to publish/export in the publish drop down menu.

Publish works the same regardless of destination, the first time everything is sent. Subsequent publish commands will only push the changed files, again regardless of destination.

It is pretty slick. Make sense?


(Mark Medford) #4

Unfortunately, this isn’t working for me. I followed the manual exactly, establishing the local folder on my desktop and then selecting it to publish. Nothing published, I get an error. The only way that I can get the files into the folder is to select export. I simply want to continue in the way I have for years with no issue! Export to my local folder - publish via Transmit - update site, export changes to the default folder - sync site via Transmit. It was so simple. Now I can’t get my clients sites update. I’m assuming that after importing into 7.0.2 all of the supporting code changes and I cant simply sync an exported page. I’ve had several instances of stacks “broken” most notably sliders and accordions. Very frustrating.

(Mark Spaulding) #5

Hmmm that is strange for sure. I would definitely put in a support to RMS as that is not suppose to be how it works. Be sure to let them know what the error code it. Have not seen it myself. Good luck.