External Hard Drive

How do I mount an external harddrive to be recognized by Rapid Weaver, all of my files from a completed web site are in an external drive. When I direct to open a project, it sees the name of the project but it does not recognize the external drive where I saved it

what if you navigate to the external hard drive an double click the rw8 file there directly. Does it open then.

Thank you

I would recommend keeping your project resources internal to the project. That way you can move your project file to an external drive, or DropBox, or your internal drive or wherever and all of the images and a copy of all the resources will be stored inside.

Just make sure you have it set to “Copy into the document:”

The setting is in the Advanced section of the project settings. Here’s a screenshot of where to look:

My web URL is Incalord.com

When I start Rapidweaver I get the following message

Also I get the following message and I don’t know where my files are so that I may remove the redundant files.

could it be that Pagesafe does not work because of this issue, I have installed Page safe in each page of the site

I appreciate your help


PageSafe requires PHP to work. If a stack like PageSafe requires PHP the page extension is automatically changed from .html to .php for you. You can check for yourself in the page inspector.

RapidWeaver by design will not delete anything on the webserver. You need to delete the old index.html file manually yourself witha standalone FTP application like Transmit(paid) or Filezilla (open source), or use the file manager that many hosting companies provide.

You can see that the file with PageSafe is out on the server and working if you use the complete URL http://incalord.com/index.php

As for the update message I don’t have a clue as to why you are getting 5 updates for the same plugin (@isaiah?) but what happens when you hit update?

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