Opening files on the ftp server on my rapid weaver website

Hey guys,
Ok so heres my problem I received an HTML file with an file of images that is necessary for the html file to display correctly. My problem is I don’t know how to make rapid weaver open this file when I publish my site. I can’t recreated the file with out doing a ton of work and it needs the images folder it came with to work. Ive tried putting the file on the FTP server and telling rapid weaver to open it from there but it won’t work and I get a 404 error every time whether I use the FTP or HTTP address. What am I missing or is this even possible?

Not much to go on here.
is the html file just another webpage made outside of RW?
do you know where the file is looking for the photos (what folder structure)?
did you try using an off site page in RW?

Just rebuild it in Rapidweaver or iframe

I have the same issue. Website created outside of this application. Created in MicroSoft Frontpage. the files are standard .html files. RW won’t ley me open.

No, it won’t. That’s normal. You will have to recreate in RW.

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