Extern Links does not work

My Website www.zadong.de is made with Rapid-Weaver. On the Startpage the Links to Mail and Instagram does not work.
The Screen gehts brighter and thats it.
If i can´t set external Links, ist impossible to use this Software anymore. I bought it, because i´m not am programmer. So please please reply in a way, a not-coder could understand.


It’s being caused by those links being inside of the Ice Box stack by @1LittleDesigner. Remove that text stack containing those links from the Ice Box stack.

While I don’t have Ice Box, it appears to be an image light box stack. It’s meant to show larger versions of images in an overlay when clicked. It’s trying to display the Instagram and Email links in an overlay when clicked, but because they aren’t image links, it can’t display them.


Thanx! Thanks a Lot. (((-:

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