Extra Content on my projects is saying its not installed

(Scott Frankel) #1

I am having issues with my projects that have the Extra Content stack. Just the standard Extra Content stack. I have been using it no problems for many years and most of my sites use the standard Extra Content stack. Now all of a sudden my projects are saying that the stack is not installed…but it is. The Extra Content stack version number is 1.0.3 with unknown as the developer.

See screenshot attached.

Anybody else having this issue and any thoughts on fixes. I have tried to add the stack back onto the page and redo all the other stacks back into the Extra Content stack but this doesn’t load properly.

Who was the developer for the standard Extra Content??

Many thanks for your help.

Cheers Scott

(Menno) #2

The original ExtraContent stack was made by Adam Merrifield (then owner of Seydesign).
The original stack (and snippets) can be downloaded here: http://foss.seydesign.com/?p=ExtraContent
Maybe re-installing the stack from the fresh download can solve your problem.