ExtraContent Stack Won't Appear or Function

I’m using a theme that makes use of the ExtraContent stack.

When I opened the theme demo file, I noticed an error message indicating a stack needed to be re-installed. It was the ExtraContent stack, so I re-installed it; while re-installing, I got a message saying “the stack exists, do you want to reinstall it?”

I reinstalled the stack, but I still get the error message in the layout view, and strangely, the ExtraContent stack doesn’t appear in my stacks list even after re-installing it. I’ve tried installing the ExtraContent stack from seydesign and also from stacks4stacks, and neither one works—the stack doesn’t show up in my stacks list.

Does anyone have an idea what’s going on here? I’m using RapidWeaver 8.1.6.

The ExtraContent stack has been ‘signed’ various things over the years. One day I shall eventually publish a page with all the known versions of ExtraContent available for re-download, so people can choose the one they need.

I have checked my computer, and the ExtraContent I have installed is signed info.extracontent.extracontent which looks to be the same that your version of RapidWeaver is complaining is missing:

I think that is the same one as the one currently listed on http://foss.seydesign.com/?p=ExtraContent too.

If no ExtraContent stack is showing for you in the Stacks Library, then that indicates it is not installed or has become corrupt.

Start by opening your RW addons manager and check there is no ExtraContent stack already isntalled. If there is, delete it.

Drag and drop a fresh copy of the ExtraContent stack onto your RW dock icon. Double-click does not work reliably for installing addons any more. Drag and drop is better for installing addons. Restart RapidWeaver and see what shows.

Thanks Will.

I did what you suggested–dropped the stack onto the Rapidweaver 8 icon.

The stack does now appear in my Addons Manager (under Stacks4Stacks, as “ExtraContent Plus 1.0.1”). And, the stack is available in my Stacks library in Rapidweaver.

Strangely though, the theme demo file still gives the same error message when I open it . . . the ExtraContent stack does not load or function.

I was hoping to use the theme demo file as a starting point for editing and create a new site from that—I guess I could figure out which content goes in which ExtraContent container, and manually recreate the demo site that way, by creating new EC stacks and moving content to them. Seems weird that the stack still will not load correctly.

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