Extremely slow dropbox RW 8.4 Project File Sync?

Has anyone noticed extremely slow dropbox synchronizationIs with project files?

Syncing my project file to dropbox to use on my iMac or MacBook Pro was always very fast. Almost instantaneous… Now, a small change in text to my website results in a 30 minuet (or more) sync time…

This seems to have started today after downloading RW 8.4

*I am on Mojave not the new Catalina…

Anyone else?

Nobody else has noticed this?

I don’t know if this is dropbox or RapidWeaver…

I’ve had zero problems in terms of speed of sync. Most of my project files are between 10 and 25 Mb. (I put all media on my server directly) So I suppose if you have a large project file there may be something that’s causing a problem. Sorry I can’t help any more.

This is driving me nuts! I’m not sure what is going on. A simple change to my website and the resulting Dropbox sync ( 9-hours and counting ) can be seen in the attached screen grab…

Since updating to RW 8.4 this has been going on. I am now running 8.4.1

I have changed nothing so this is either a dropbox or a RapidWeaver issue - Right?

It is a 98mb project file but again, never a problem since Dropbox save / backup was added…

Any help wold be appreciated!

My gut feeling is it’s a Dropbox issue.
I removed Dropbox from my Mac a while back, the Mac app seemed to have a memory leak.

The project file being only 98mb shouldn’t take more than a few seconds or maybe a minute or so to synchronize no matter what’s in the file.

I’d try completely uninstalling Dropbox and then reboot and reinstall it.

Doug, Thanks for your response

I really thought it was Dropbox too but I am now convinced it is a RapidWeaver issue or a issue with my RW project file… Maybe file resources…? I have been at this for 2 days now and I have got to step away from it for a while…

Dropbox continues to work perfectly across all (my many devices) and in my business / shared folders and employees devices… **EXCEPT for my RW Project file

My project file still Publishes & updates just fine, (and fast) Inside and Outside of Dropbox. It’s when I publish, while it is IN Dropbox and DB begins to sync the project that syncing never, never stops…

I can take the Project file out of dropbox and all Publishes & updates fine… I can move it to another Mac, Open it and publish with no problems… I can even Publish the RW Project File Outside of Dropbox - THEN - Move the project file BACK to Dropbox and IT SYNCS FINE!

The problem looks like it is something to do with Resources in the project file AND Dropbox - *See screen grab

Everything has been working really well for such a long time…

I am going to look again this weekend but I need a drink OR something… :slight_smile:

I have the same issue. It’s driving me crazy. I’m sure it’s DP. It started, when DB got updated and adapted to Catalina. Before everything worked out well with RW 7 and 8, there were no syncing issues at all…
And there is a second problem: If you make a copy of a RW project in DB, both - the original and the copy - are broken afterwards! Don’t try it, if you don’t habe a backup outside DB!

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And thanks for the tip to take the RW projects out of DB when working on them and put them back when finished. This is a good turn around.

LL, I’m sorry to hear your having problems but I guess I’m glad to know I’m not alone…

My work around, like you, has been to remove my project file from DB / Work / then put the project file back in dropbox…

DropBox sync’s the Project File just fine but no longer can sync the file “After Rapid Weaver” - Auto Saves the Project File - After Publishing the Project while IN Dropbox. It is this functionality that is now broken… Worked for years

I’m just not sure if it is RapidWeaver -OR- Dropbox???

I think it’s Dropbox. The problem also exists with old RW 7 projects and versions which were synchronized without problems until the “Catalina Update” of Dropbox.

I bought 50 GB iCloud Space now and store my RW projects there. So I don’t have to remove them from the DB before editing. But actually it’s all a bit disappointing in the Mac world… Pretty unprofessional in my eyes by everyone involved (Apple, DB and RW).

We cannot blame Apple or Realmac for sync issues that DropBox has. If DropBox is busted, stop using it. I stopped using them a couple of years ago. I’m now all on iCloud.


As the OP, iCloud is working well for me… Now that Joe confirms, I feel even better! iCloud it is. Now, I am going to get a Synology NAS and look at replacing DP in my business and personal life - Thanks Joe (*this reminds me, I need to buy one of your stacks - YouTube for responsiveness videos on my website) Thanks again Joe W!

I have a Synology as well. Really great product.

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Joe, I think as a user I can expect everyone involved to solve the problem together (so far everyone has been shifting the problem to the other…) and I don’t want to give up Dropbox because of a single problem. (With this attitude I would have left Apple long ago…)

Only iCloud is not a solution for me, because Dropbox is better than iCloud for my purpose in many ways.

Now I use iCloud for the RW projects and hope that one day the sync problem will be solved. :wink:

Cheers LL

P.S. Thanks for your great plug-ins!

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