F.A.Q. pop box idea

I’m envisioning a page with an array of pop box buttons that expose an answer to the FAQ [frequently asked question] proposed on the button.
swatch classifying them would enable color differential for inhanced page bling … any clever ideas or enhancement examples would be welcome.
hypertext links alone seem too limiting.

This is crude…take a look:

thanks … that a beginning . clean and simple.
looking at “page source” html is intimidating.
is there a simple way to view structure in RW8 format?

i’'m lacking some of these stacks … i’ll check em out
are they stable?
paragraphpro , buttonpress2, Foundationgrummage2
I’m using RW8, Foundation 6, Stacks4 and cautiously use add-ons as crashing and loosing sunsaved work sucks.

That is a foundation1 theme…and stacks
just added a grid…very easy…the popup is expose @joeworkman
without stacks…it would be a nightmare!!!
If you can live with just an accordion…I updated the sample above.

Have a look at this post on Weaverspace, it is a FAQ solution built for TotalCMS but could probably be adapted, as it uses BigWhiteDuck’s PopDrop stacks. You could probably make it work.

This is the FAQ stack from doobox running in Foundation 6

Another option is an accordion stack. This is the Foundation 6 stack with the first item set to show on load but you can hide all the content or only allow one open at a time, change formatting etc.

Awesome! I had no idea a FAQ list could be so subtle but bountiful.

This is now my favor … sure wish i had a Foundation template as a starting point.
What stack is likely implemented

is it just an array of pop-drop , backgroundless buttons showing text only

Or you could use a FAQ stack that includes a search feature - useful if the FAQ grows over time.


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There is also FAQ2 from Doobox

This is a WINNER
partly due to it’s modularity

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