FancyViewer stack re-released

After a period of absence, I’m pleased to unveil the updated FancyViewer stack today. This stack was previously named FancyViewr and had been developed by Aaron Marquez. This stack had not been available for a couple of years.

Why yet another lightbox stack? Well all ThemeFlood themes already ship with the opensource Nivo Lightbox plugin and Bootstrap modal built-in, and our updated TopBox stack has been a huge success. However the lightbox effect in themes isn’t easily customisable and the honest truth is that TopBox 4 is overkill for some simple lightboxing and modal windowing tasks. I decided we needed an in-between solution; something that will provide a bit more edibility control but not to the extremes that TopBox has given us.

If you think the feature set and editing interface of FancyViewer 2.0 looks familiar, you aren’t imagining things! I’ve actually taken a previous version of TopBox to build this latest version of FancyViewer stack. Simply because I’d done a pretty good job of the source code in earlier versions of TopBox and the lightbox effect FancyViewer previously used has since gone commercial (and is exceptionally expensive).

FancyViewer is fully responsive and works with all major web browsers and devices. We provide simple drop-zones to place your trigger content and lightbox content within. Styled text, HTML code and static images all work fine. Non-essential settings and features have been stripped-out to create this smart yet efficient little lightbox stack that is sure to give years of stellar service.

If you were previously an owner of the original FancyViewr stack, you are entitled to a free copy of the new FancyViewer 2.0 stack. Simply get in contact with some form of “evidence of ownership” and we’ll do our best to get a coupon code emailed back to you. If you’re interested in FancyViewer, more information can be found here, together with a free demo version to download and install. FancyViewer is priced at £5.00.

PS: The original thread about the Stacks4Stacks acquisition of StackManiac can be found here.

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Hi Will.
Just two things:
Your online instructions give reference to a FancyViewer Unique Number - the stack does not contain this…
Also: Clicking the “Setup Instructions” check box does not close the instructions.

Cheers for your ears.

@bitbumpy Sorry I think there was a mixup with the download links. FancyViewer2 will have an editing interface that looks like the attached screenshot. As you can see, many more settings now provided and we do not display instructions in edit mode. The stack will install itself with an orange and white icon and show as version 2.0.0. in your stack library. Delete any previous builds of FancyViewr / FancyViewer you are not using and try the download again. You can contact me direct if you have any further questions.