FAQMaker v3.0 -- With an all new UI

FAQMaker v3.0 is all new today. It’s got a new user interface and a new website and is ready for soon-to-be-awesome new versions of RapidWeaver.

Check out our blog post on the UI updates: http://blog.yourhead.com/faqmaker-v3-0/

This is a free update to all existing users.
And a free trial for all new users.
So, no excuses, go download and enjoy!

More Info on our Website: Get FAQMaker
Download: Downloading

To install:

  1. Download
  2. Unzip.
  3. Double click to install

NB: If you run into trouble installing, a little bird told me that you might have better luck uninstalling the old version first. RapidWeaver 6 doesn’t like to install plugins if the names don’t match exactly.


Awesome Possum…

Is JS-Kit something we need to download or is it in the plugin?

Reason I ask is that prior to posting a bug report for Rate this and Comment don’t seem to be doing anything I thought I had better check if I need to download something else :wink:

Thanks @isaiah


@Turtle - http://loghound.com/faqmaker/faq/index.html#How_come_the_ratings__comments_

This is a long standing behavior of FAQMaker. This requires publishing first.

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Thanks @isaiah… newbie question, sorry and know you are just getting them working with RW 6.3.8 & [Redacted] with some enhancements and UI changes.

Keep up the great work!

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