Gertting plugin updates

(Jason Bostick) #1

The in-app updater with Rapidweaver - will you be prompted for plugin updates if you are not on the latest version of RW? I noticed a new Rapidcart Pro update on Twitter. I ‘checked for updates’ and it didn’t show up. Looking at the release notes, I noticed that I am actually a couple of releases behind.

Because of some time-sensitive work (and not needing any new functionality), I haven’t updated past 7.3.1 and always just hit ‘Remind me later’. I’m wondering if it won’t catch other plugin updates if I’m not up-to-date on RW…

(David) #2

Glad you posted about this. I’ve wondered about is as well. Maybe @simon could chime in?

(Jason Bostick) #3

I tried pressing ‘skip this version’ then restarted and I was prompted for the RCP update (as well as a formloom one from a while ago) once I opened the app again.

So it would appear that it won’t prompt for plugin updates if there’s a waiting RW update?

(Simon Maddox) #4

Yes, if you decline a RapidWeaver update we’ll also assume you don’t want to be prompted for plugin updates for now - rather than annoying you about updates twice.

We could change the behaviour, but you’d have to update RapidWeaver to see it :smile:

(For real though: we could. Let us know here if it’s something you’d like to see)

(Jason Bostick) #5

As something to consider, maybe a “check for plugin updates” and “check for Rapidweaver updates” options?

It may not effect many people though…

(Dan) #6

Hey @jabostick & @thang,

@simon has just added this to the latest beta (7.4.1 Build 18692b), take it for a spin here:

FYI: The new menu item checks for themes and addon updates. The menu item is currently marked as “check for plugin updates…”. The next build will be changed to “check for addon updates…”

Happy Weaving!