File name ".Rapidweaver-Export."

When I open Filezilla to upload changes on the left hand panel among my files there are 20 to 30 files that start with the above name and a series of numbers and letters after the last “.”

I don’t see them in Finder. What are they? Can I delete them?


I’d tend not to.

But have you chosen not to use RW’s built-in Publish routines?

I have not tried tie direct publishing for a few years. Our connections are slow and it was never able to connect.

I may try one of these days.

RW 6 (the best to be on) has made big improvements in publishing; the latest version seems to have eliminated a bug that ignored the setting which kept track of already published files. Ideal for slow connections: only the pages you’ve changed now go up. Good luck!

As for your original question, I took a look in a recent Export folder and saw no invisible files. Maybe it’s something which FileZilla does?

That is a thought. thanks. Then I’ll try the publishing again.