Why does RW upload hundreds of files for one minor change?

I am not on a fast Internet connection so find it REALLY tedious when I make a little change and the RW re-uploads hundreds of files.

I can understand that changing the name of a page that appears in the navigation menu might require all pages that contain links to that page to be uploaded, but on a site with just 20 pages why would that mean 607 files need to be uploaded.

Seriously, I spend more time waiting for RW to ftp the files up than I do actually working on the site.

What am I doing wrong?

  1. which version of RapidWeaver are you using?
  2. is “Smart Publishing” enabled in RapidWeaver’s Preferences -> Publishing section?
  3. Does this happen on any project, or just one project?

Hi Nik,

Here’s the answers:

  1. Version 6.3.7 (15153)
  2. Yes
  3. All projects

It wouldn’t be a problem if I had a good broadband connection, but it takes 5 to 10 minutes each time.

It seems to depend on what’s being updated.

For example, updating a single character in Formloom 3 resulted in 154 files being updated, every time.

Weaverpix does the same thing. There’s a reason for it that I can’t quite remember.

It also seems to depend on the theme. I’ve worked with some that routinely upload 10ish pages for a series of small changes and some that don’t.

Sorry that’s not much practical help but I suspect it’s the nature of whatever combination of stacks, plugins and themes you’re using, rather than something you’re ‘doing wrong’.

I just go off and make a cup of tea. :sunglasses:

A cup of tea. That’s definitely where I’m going wrong.

You’re right about it being varied. Alas, the two sites I’ve been working on seem to love these mammoth uploads.

The main culprit seems to be any changes to page settings, such as a filename or adding a page to the navigation. I can see what that would need to upload any pages containing the navigation, possibly, but that’s definitely not several hundred.

Maybe I should move to somewhere with faster broadband.

@Pip It would be useful to know more about the stacks or plugins you are using. As a counter example I currently have one website that has to be constantly updated (it’s a course website). It has about 40 pages, lots of content, and a full republish is about 300 files. But most of the time I’m just publishing changed pages only and that is typically about 5-8 files. Very quick.

As Rob mentioned there are some stacks/plugins that seem to require more files being published than others. You seem to be using something that is a “file hog”. And, of course, as Nik mentioned it is very important to have Smart Publishing turned on.

Could we get a copy of your project file (Support@realmacsoftware.com) so we can take a look?


Sure. I will send that today Nik.

Here are two examples of how frustrating it is.

Example 1:

I add a new page and by default the ‘Show in Navigation’ is checked’ so as soon as I add the page EVERY page in the site is marked for publishing, even if that page is just a form, has no links to the navigation system, has no links to the newly created page - it doesn’t matter. Every new page I add means I have to upload hundreds of files (not just the pages).

Example 2:

I change the name of an existing page. It can be one that is not linked to in any way, but it still causes every page to be marked for publication. So, if I then immediately revert back to the old name - which means nothing at all has changed on the site - it still has every page marked for publication.

I’m sure you can imagine why, on a slow internet connection, this can be frustrating and VERY time consuming.


Every new page needs an new navigation, also every change of a page name. That’s normally. All pages will be changed, with blue dots. … but this still is no big traffic because only the most necessary is transmitted.

… for me 22 files in 5 seconds. DSL standard, max. 1 Mbit/s upload.

Mine does the same. There were lots of posts about this same issue a while ago. I don’t think there was any resolution.
It is really frustrating.
I put in a new blog entry and it reloads all 800 files (which I’m guessing are the other blog entries that I haven’t touched).
It does it for me on two different projects.

I’m finding that the theme being used seems to make a big difference. I’m currently working with Henk’s Notepad theme and it seems really lightweight and nippy, only uploading a few files when I do updates.

It’s the second site I’ve built with one of his themes and I’m going to start seeing if there are more I can use.

@Rutts I’m glad isn’t just picking on me :slightly_smiling:

@robbeattie That’s interesting. I am doing a new site today so I might check out the Notepad theme.

@Oscar The problem is that files seem to be getting marked for update that don’t updating. I don’t have 800 pages for example, and it isn’t like every resource needs re-uploading just because I make a minor change to the settings on a non-navigation page. Also, 22 files in 5 seconds might sound fast, but if there’s 800 files to upload that works out at just over 3 minutes. I don’t want to wait 3 minutes every time I make a minor change, although it would definitely make me more mindful :slightly_smiling:

You are sure, that you have this setting in the preferences?

I did have an issue like this in the past with a lot more files being uploaded than were actually in the project.

It only happened when I had a certain demo project open at the same time as my project.
The demo project had hundreds (+700) of files and for some reason when I republished my project it would want to take all the demo files as well.
This seems to have gone away with the new versions of RW and Stacks.

Just my two bobs worth…