File permissions error

I’m pulling my hair out with this one.

I’m hosting my web site on a Linux box. When I publish to my server, the files all arrive, but have incorrect permissions. Files are set {ug+r}, directories are set {ug+rx}. Obviously, I need the read/search permissions for “other” as well.

My umask is set to 022. I’ve tried creating files directly on the server, and they have the expected permissions {ugo+r}. I’ve tried manually uploading files by sftp, and they have the expected permissions.

So something is different about my RW uploads. I’m happy to believe that this isn’t an RW problem at all, some setting on my server that needs to be changed. But I can’t for the life of me figure out what it is.

I’m using RW 7.2.1, ftps protocol to publish.

Anyone have any ideas?