Server issue or RW

Having a few issues loading a clients website up to a server, I’m getting everything under the sun, except a clean upload… for example…

Everything has been fine, up until today. - If I upload to my test site, I don’t have a problem. So I’m thinking server issue, but unsure what to flag up with them?

Any help would be grateful.

Cheers Jon

I don’t have fetch so I can’t say for sure how to fix the problem you are having.

My guess is you are trying to upload to a directory that your login doesn’t have permission to write to.

All you gave us was the error screens and not what you are trying to do. When you log into the server, what does the screen look like? What Directory (folder) are you trying to upload the files into?

I think there is path button and an info button in Fetch , that info might be helpful

Hi Doug…Sorry I should have said the site is ‘sort’ of loading, so I‘II get say 16 folders uploading on one occasion out of say 20 and although RW has collected all 20, some are rejected by the server, and I‘II then get an error message, that I don’t even think relates to that folder. As the examples above. I could then try again and all 20 will upload but the site doesn’t render correctly, as if something is missing/its been corrupted somewhere. I’ve been uploading to the same site/folders for the past 7 years with no problems.

If I upload the site to my test hosting elsewhere, all 20 upload and the site views fine. So I think its the clients hosting at Fasthost and not Fetch, but as I say I dont know what to ask Fasthost to look for. Could something need an update perhaps at there end?

Hard to say.

Does Fetch have any ftp logs?

The generic messages don’t really give a clue as to what is going on.

Fasthosts might have a log on their end as well.

Well, if you have changed nothing, then the host did. I would contact them and give them the same information you have given here. Many hosting companies change ftp because of security concerns. Are you using FTP as your protocol or SFTP?

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