File Size reporting vs "size on disk" (cloud services render disk usage reports and info useless)

Forgive the following “wordy” post. I post here because there are some very savvy Mac/OSX people here.

I’ve used Apple machines since the 80’s (Apple ///) but I just now newly re-discovered file “Size” vs “size on disk” difference (get info). I first noticed that when using Dropbox and setting storage as “Online Only” (Smart Sync) the “File Size” info remained the same in Finder and Get Info even though it was no longer on my Mac. If I “Get Info” the “File Size” will be the normal file size but the “size on disk” reflects reality, that is, it’s almost zero as the file is not on disk but remote. File size in finder also shows the cloud size, not what is on local disk.

The problem? Use the Finder Search tool to find large files (for disk maintenance and such) and the “File Size” is reported, not the actual “size on disk.”

I checked a couple of Disk Utility apps and they also reported the cloud “Disk Size” and not “size on disk.” The util reports the full file size though it’s not on local disk. This renders disk usage and file size utils useless if cloud service are being used.

Does anyone know of a utility that reports BOTH “Disk Size” AND “size on disk?”

Have I missed other ramifications of this issue? If I plan on storing a file in the Dropbox Cloud only and not on my disk I don’t want the file reported as taking space on the disk.