iCloud - Rapidweaver Addons folder

I have had my Addons folder on iCloud for quite some time now. I’m not that regular a user of RW, every two or three months I spend time updating my sites so I have always had to load the folder in the Finder window and hit the download icon beside the folder to ensure that my various plugins and themes were available to me.

Today I did just that, and launched RW only to be told that it couldn’t find various plugins. The folder appeared to be downloaded so I opened it and found to my dismay that 1,227 files therein were all (pretty well all) zero bytes.

Same on www.iCloud.com, in the iCloud drive section, the folder is there, the icons for the files list out but the size for each is zero.
Same on my laptop (which I never use RW on).

My initial foray into Apple Support yielded little fruit to date, the Restore Files option on iCloud didn’t see them, the Recently Deleted folder was similarly not useful.

I’ve been ‘escalated’ and the support team will get back to me but they suggested I ask here to see if others have had a similar experience.

Any thoughts, folks?

Do you have so little space on your computer that the addons can’t stay on your system drive? Just wondered…must slow the building time to a crawl?

No. A Tb SSD with plenty to spare. A 2Tb iCloud with 1.4Tb free.

You can turn off Optimize Storage inside of your iCloud Drive settings on your Mac.

I’ll try that Joe.

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